We are PRINTING!!!

So I didn’t order any filament online ahead of time since I was hoping to get my first filament in person (if I could) to ask questions and try something out before jumping online into the game of finding not bad filament for a not bad price.  

Luckily 30 minutes away is I believe the only 3D Printing Store in the area. So this morning I made the pilgrimage northward with my amazing and supportive wife along for the ride. They had only one spool of PLA until they restock in a week, so I got myself a sweet roll of….Khaki PLA 😀 (but honestly nothing was gonna bring me down, it could have been neon glitter pink and I still would have been stoked to begin printing). I was able to grab a couple sample packs of blue and neon green which was nice.

After a few errands we got back and I calibrated and leveled the hotbed. Not bad at all. After loading in some blue filament came the moment of truth….


I printed the demo chinese checker that came in the kit on the SD card.

It was a success!

So amazing!

The rest of the night was learning the basics of Cura and slicing software settings and then printing.

Another fun print tonight was for my little girl she saw the green filament sample and said she wanted a “Green Crocodile” so I found a moveable Crocodile Clip and got the going on the printer and….

[1hr Later]

Now there were some lessons learned today:

-Short cuts and cutting corners mostly means more work. Trying to cut print time by faster extrusion and larger layers lead to my first failed print. I also could have used some support in one section. Good learning experiences and that really is a big part of this journey. I’m excited with each step I’ve learned.

-Changing the filament can be a little tricky/finicky. Had a bit of a struggle with the first filament change and a couple of thumb blister to show for it. Now that I got my main spool in I won’t be changing it out anytime soon but may print a few upgrades to help that go smoother in the future.

-Maker sure your available filament will meet the demand on the print. I was gonna print a green “Benchy” boat but ran low I the print I tried to pause it and switch in the blue to save it but it didn’t take and so I have a 70% Benchy, but will do a reprint in Khaki tomorrow.

This is a lot of fun. I’m excited for the endless possibilities availabile. I’m also looking forward to designing a few custom cookie cutters with my family and getting them involved. I’m trying to find useful designs and ideas to print along with the fun and random ones. 😀

Great Day!

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