Hello and Welcome! I’m Eric. I just recently graduated from Medical School and will be jumping into a Family Medicine residency program in July.  I have a wonderful family, with an amazing wife and 2 great kids. I love the medical field and I love technology.

I have been considering doing something like this for sometime now and though I know I am a bit delusional thinking I will have anytime during residency I have always been told it is important to continue your hobbies and interests even during this difficult and intense time of training.

So here I go. I am starting at the beginning. LEVEL 0. My first 3D printer an ANET A8 DIY kit is on its way. I feel this is the best way to jump in.

My goals are to learn and to have fun. I hope to share my love of anatomy and medical sciences as well as print fun, random, and interesting things.

I hope that the Dr3dDad channels will help inspire others and I am excited to join this amazing community.